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About Us

We are a Social Enterprise providing mobile auto detailing and car cleaning company based in Brampton, serving North America and soon the World.



Our team of professionals are fully insured and leverage proprietary best practices to make your vehicle look and feel great.


Solve The Water Waste Issue

Our plan to leverage our waterless cleaning technology is not only to raise awareness to the water waste issue but to create steps to solve it.


Creating Opportunities

We’re developing a premier academy for high school graduates and college students who want to learn the art of being an entrepreneur through real-life experience.

About The Company

  • Brampton’s number one provider for mobile auto detailing and car cleaning services. We take pride in effectively cleaning your car using gentle, environmentally friendly products that deliver top rated results. 

  • Our MOBILE vehicle cleaning service is convenient for individuals and corporate fleets. No matter what kind of vehicle you have from a beetle to a minivan we will detail the interior and exterior until it looks like you need it to be.

  • Whether you live in Brampton, Vancouver or the outskirts of Florida our professionals will come to your vehicle – at your home, condo or office – and give it the care and attention it deserves. For more information contact us today.
Detailers cleaning cars

We launched a Platform For Youth To Become Entrepreneurs

Learn more about how we plan on developing our social responsibility by providing a platform for high school, college and university to build entrepreneurial skills and create their own job opportunity.

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