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Proud to announce that the Detailing Knights have become the worlds first auto detailing bcorp. With a slight glitch in our website corrected we can now shout the news about becoming a benefit corporation.

“Our main reason for having the Detailing Knights assessed for B Corp certification was to keep our vision on the right track. Our ultimate goal is to have a student learning how to run their own business in every country around the world and becoming a part of the B Corp community is vital to that aim. We want to keep our company focused on building the leaders of tomorrow to be savvy business owners with a strong eco-conscience. “

Spoke the founder of Detailing Knights Sir Ryan O’Neil Knight…

“The Mission of The Detailing Knights is to become the World’s number 1 waterless car detailing company. We aim to become pioneers in the new waterless car washing movement thereby allowing Canada to become known for its water saving focus. Our company model is focused on entrepreneurial development. Within 5 years, The Detailing Knights will become a premier academy for high school graduates and college students who want to learn the art of being an entrepreneur through real life experience.”

Certified B corporations are leading a global movement to redefine how success is assessed in business. Being able to meet triple and quadruple bottoms lines will become the status quo and those who only focus on a singular bottom line of profit making will soon be edged out.

Since Becoming an Auto Detailing BCorp the Detailing Knights have seen a positive impact on their company. Namely peaking the interest of Matt Galloway and being interviewed on CBC Metro Morning. Most recently being shortlisted for the Toronto Region Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards in the Emerging Entrepreneur category. And most excitedly being named to the MaRS Discovery District inaugural Impact 8 Cohort