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Give Waterless a Chance – Waterless Car Wash

a waterless car wash will give your vehicle the best lookWho would ever think about cleaning their car and achieving a high level of appeal without using any water – like a waterless car wash.  As we all got used to the traditional way of washing our cars, with old techniques in our driveway, the average amount of water used is close to 100 gallons per car. Considering the average stand-alone car wash will use over 60 gallons of water per car. This is a lot of waste, with contaminated water going down the drain, into the sewers and into the environment. A process that is actually against some of the by-laws in Toronto, while our waterless auto detailing only uses between 2-6 oz of our waterless solution and with no contaminated run off into the sewers.  Also, it helps to bring back the shine of the vehicle instead of slowly stripping away the paint that happens with water washing.

Discover the new way to treat our cars with the respect it deserves. Save an enormous amount of water, save time, and save money. The waterless treatment takes off more than just dirt with its gentle hand application process, it protects the vehicle with a polymer barrier that makes it harder to get dirty, beads water and protects from the sun.  The Detailing Knights also add another level of convenience since we come right to where the customer is, whether it’s at home or at the office.

We are living proof of water conservation with each and every car we service. We strive to help our clients keep the value of your vehicle investment with our detailing maintenance packages.

With the Detailing Knights waterless car wash you can achieve and save all of those things as we make a commitment to make the planet a better place. Our customers agree that we are far superior to the old way of washing their car with water; they have loved our Royal Treatment car cleaning services because we come to them, cost less and help the environment. We are just happy to give them a clean car and another reason to smile.

To all car owners out there… let’s give waterless a chance.

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