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DIY Auto Detailing – 3 tips to help you clean your car

When you have some free time use these auto detailing tips so you do not spend your whole day cleaning.

1. Stiff Scrub Brushes and Tooth Brushes

The first step we usually use is to blow out blow dirt from the nooks and crannies of your car’s floor onto the middle of the carpet, but in absence of an air compressor a toothbrush will work great to get in hard to reach places. Stiff brushes also loosen dirt from the carpets and upholstery to make it easier to vacuum.

2. A Hand Wash is the best wash

As you may know our company uses a waterless car wash process but the real beauty of it is that it is applied by hand. This way you are able to go section by section and not miss any spots. If you still want to use the traditional method of washing your car with water just please do not use dish washing detergent as soap. Sure it will get the car clean, but strips any protective wax coatings, exposing the vehicle to possible nicks, scratches, and stains. A carwash solution will preserve your car’s finish.

3. Protective Wax is a Great Touch

Clear coat wears off over time and leaves the paint exposed to the elements. That’s where wax comes in. Wax is sacrificial and will wear off over the course of a few months. It will absorb stains and small scratches keeping it from the paint. The choice between paste and liquid wax is simply a personal preference—both products do the job equally well. Pro detailers usually use two coats of wax; the purpose of the second coat is to cover areas that the first might have missed. don’t waste your time trying to apply additional coats for added protection.

For more great tips check out popularmechanics.com and their 10 tips to detail like a pro

Here is a check list so you can make sure you got everything

• Exterior washed and dried carefully

• Tires and wheel wells cleaned

• Door Jambs optional but makes a difference and doesnt take as long as you think

• Windows and Mirrors are Cleaned Inside/Out

• Vacuuming Upholstery, Floors & Mats (hose em down)

• Vacuuming Cracks and Crevices that you can reach

• Vacuuming of Trunk

• Cleaning/Dressing Dash, Consoles & Door Skins

• Leather surfaces are carefully cleaned with leather products

And of course if you would rather watch tv and relax let the Detailing Knights come by and do it for you.