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grateful Reason for living
Why I wake up each morning
It is so easy to go through the day and forget what even happened. I know it happens to me a lot and this year I want to really try and be in the moment. Sure it cant be done all day but each night I will look back on the day and think of three things to be grateful for. You can join with me if you like. The rules:

1. Name three things you are grateful for

2. Cannot duplicate items so each day it must be something new that you are grateful for.

Take time to be in the moment, looking forward to hearing what you are grateful for.

My list from 2013 to name a few

Grateful my wife is still married to me

Grateful for my daughter Jasmine Rose and her first word was dada

Grateful to be a certified B corporation

Winning Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Being a part of the inaugural Impact 8 Cohort

Partnering with NewStart Canada

Partnering with the Learning Enrichment Foundation

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick