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Sir Ryan Oneil Knight the 2013 winner of the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Thanks in large part to the Detailing Knights for making the world take notice of the GTA auto industry. By bringing eco-friendly practices into the forefront with their waterless car washing process being green and conserving water is a growing trend. In addition, the Detailing Knights have used their position in the GTA auto industry to work with youth and persons with disabilities to give them the ability to find jobs and develop skills. Our holistic business training program not only creates better business men and women but it creates better humans in general.

We at the Detailing Knights believe that just because you are a successful business person does not mean you are a better human but if you become a better human you will be a successful business person.

Due to our focus on the environment and our impact in the community The detailing knights we able to become a certified benefit corporation. The Detailing Knights are not only the first GTA auto detailers to become certified but we are the first auto detailing company to become a certified B corp in the world. Thus setting the trend for others to follow suit or risk becoming irrelevant since the future of business must see beyond profits and start adding to their mission a positive impact that will help sustain and grow our current environment.

Bcorp Certification“B Corps create higher quality jobs and improve the quality of life in our communities. And, as the movement grows, it has become an increasingly powerful agent of change. We are passing laws. We are driving capital.“
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GTA Auto Detailers win TRBOT awardBeing a GTA auto detailer that embraces change has not gone unnoticed as the Detailing Knights were nominated by the Toronto Region Board of Trade for one of their Business Excellence Awards. We were honoured to be recognized and humbled to win the category of Emerging Entrepreneur of the year for 2013!
It will be tough to top 2013 with all that has happened but we love a challenge and we shall defend our title!