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Headshot of Ryan O'Neil Knight

Founder and CEO Ryan O’Neil Knight has been profiled on The Habari Network, The Dr. Vibe Show, DriveMagazine.ca, and Goodnews Toronto. Below is a snippet from the Habari Network interview.

Ryan Knight is an entrepreneur who turned adversity into triumph.

Knight turned the loss of a job in 2009 as a result of the economic slowdown into an opportunity, and founded and launched the now successful company – The Detailing Knights.

The Detailing Knights based in Brampton, Ontario, are a waterless mobile car detailing business whose mission is to save time and money for customers while at the same time saving water and helping the environment.

The Detailing Knights strives to give customers an option that only uses 2 – 6 oz of solution rather than 60 – 100 gallons of water with traditional methods. A reduction in water waste of 99%!

Ryan O'Neil Knight cleaning car
Knight is keen to pass on his success to other entrepreneurs. The Detailing Knights are more than just another car cleaning company, they are also involved in helping other like minded entrepreneurs learn how to run their own business using an car detailing business model.

The Detailing Knights take students and train them start their own small summer detailing company. Knight’s vision is to have students learning to operate their own business in every city around the world.

Knight now hosts his own TV show on Rogers channel 10 every Wednesday. The topics of the show range from passing on his entrepreneurial skills to environmental issues. While working on his TV show he is also volunteering at CIUT 89.5fm with the Green Majority, Canada’s only environmental news program.