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…the Detailing Knights are better than a car wash. We are your premium car care specialists who take time to gently hand apply our unique waterless solution to give your car more than just a wash.

So what makes the Knights technique better than a car wash? It all begins with the waterless solution Dri Wash n Guard that is hand applied section by section to not only clean your vehicle but leave it with a showroom shine. That would be great but just leaving your vehicle with a shine is not enough, as it also leaves a layer of protection to your vehicle’s finish to guard against UV rays, dirt build up, salt and beads water from rain.

The waterless car wash is the solution you’re looking for.

Why should you use the Knights?

We eliminate all excuses:

“I do not have the time” – we come right to you because we are a mobile auto detailer
no need to drive to a location, no need to wait in line, and no need to touch up missed spots.

“I do not have the money” – on average you spend between $300 – $400 on car washes in the year bit by bit. Car washes that miss spots, leave your car wet, and waste upwards of 100 gallons of water per wash. The Knights will take care of your vehicle all year for less than $200

“It will scratch my paint” – A Waterless car wash does not scratch your vehicle in fact it has the opposite effect. The waterless car wash solution contains emulsifiers that break down dirt and seals it in the product. This keeps them from scratching the surface of the paint. Instead it leaves the paint with a protective barrier that brings back the original shine. Visit and read our FAQ for more detail.

You get a wash, wax, polish and sealant, all in one step.

Become more environmentally friendly and give the Detailing Knights a trial today.

Unlike many environment-friendly options that make you work harder or spend more, the waterless car wash actually lets you gain – in every possible way.

You deserve more than a car wash, give your car The Royal Treatment.