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To drive clean means keeping the vehicle you drive maintained and well tuned. The Detailing Knights can make sure your car look great on the outside with our waterless car wash but keeping your car in good working order is how you emit less pollutants into the air.

We can all help to reduce smog in our air and a major cause is the emissions from our vehicles.

Here are a few tips to help you do your part to drive clean.

1. Maintain your vehicle Regularly: It helps to follow the manufacturers recommended service intervals to help maximize your vehicles fuel economy.

2. Keep your tires at their optimum inflation pressure. Check the sides of your tires for the proper psi level and keep them inflated there.

3. If your vehicle is properly tuned it can save 40 percent more fuel and give off much less pollutants and help you to drive clean.

4. Reduce the amount of times you need to start and stop your vehicle. One way is to plan your trips by combining errands.

5. If your check engine light is on…Get It CHECKED! Your car may need something minor that will turned into something major if not looked after. Even if the light goes off it still means something is not quite right and being on the safe side is always better.

6. Did you know rolling up the windows and opening vents can help your car to be more aerodynamic and save fuel consumption.

7. Try to keep the load in your vehicle as low as possible. The heavier the load you are carrying the more fuel you will be wasting. (insert your own mother inlaw joke here)

8. Obeying the speed limit is a little trick I have tested and it actually saves a lot of gas. Instead of fast starts and hard stops, cruise at the posted rate to save on fuel.

9. Carpooling is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of cars on the road and therefore the total emissions.

10. DON’T IDLE! There is a law against it but the key reason is that idling wastes fuel and can wear out the engine must faster leading to increased maintenance and repairs. Try and Keep the engine off whenever you can. This is another reason why Hybrid vehicles (like the Toyota Prius) are a smart choice if you want to drive clean.

Do you have any tips of your own to drive clean that you can add to our list? Feel free to leave a comment on our facebook page or twitter wall.